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The Psychic Universe

Do you have a desire to connect with a relative who has passed away? If this is the case, you should seek out a good psychic medium to perform a psychic reading. Are you looking for answers to your love problems? If this is the case, you’ll want to find an excellent love psychic. Are you seeking information about the future? In this case you want to find a psychic who can perform a comprehensive general psychic reading.

Take advantage of user rating systems!

The best way to find just the right psychic is to get personal referrals from your friends and family members. If this is impossible for you, you should look for a service that offers a user rating system. Study the ratings carefully. Check to see if the psychics you are considering have steady repeat clients. This is an indication of a good psychic. After all, if people were not happy with the psychic’s readings they would not return!

Is it best to get a psychic reading online, on the telephone or in person?

I perform all three types of psychic readings. By far the most popular readings are face-to-face readings; however, this may be attributed to the misconception that it is necessary to see a person in order to get a sense of their energy and perform a good reading. The fact is, this is not absolutely necessary. You may be surprised to learn that genuine psychics may be somewhat disadvantaged when performing a reading in person. The reason for this is that when we see a person, we tend to categorize them by appearance. We may pigeonhole them according to their race, class, age or some other external factor. This can act as a filter that limits the psychic’s objectivity, intuition and freedom of interpretation. Of course, we psychics don’t intend to stereotype our clients on sight, but it is a natural human tendency. For this reason, phone or chat readings may be more objective.

What information will a psychic need at the time of the reading?

You should only be required to tell the psychic your name and your date of birth. Of course, if you can bring other information to the reading such as objects belonging to the people you are concerned about or pictures, this can be helpful. A truly genuine psychic actually doesn’t want you to tell him or her anything! The reason for this is that the things you tell us may tend to limit our objectivity. I frequently get clients who have a strong urge to tell me their entire life history and that of their family members. Then they want me to perform their psychic reading. This puts me at a disadvantage because it causes me to become intellectually biased. For a truly objective and clean reading, it’s best if I start out with little or no information.

Open your heart and mind to make the most of your psychic reading!

You should be careful not to judge your psychic reading based upon current appearances or your beliefs. Often clients are somewhat mentally constrained by their own perceptions. They may believe the psychic or the reading are bad or inaccurate because they don’t jive with their own preconceived notions. In other words they may have certain hopes, or they may have formed their own conclusions based on past experiences or current appearances. Setting the parameters of possibility in this manner makes it impossible to get good value from a genuine psychic reading. It’s as if you decided to trade stocks based on last week’s stock market information. It really doesn’t make sense!

Don’t psychics simply seek to fulfill the expectations of their clients?

I’m not able to speak for other psychics, but I can say that my business is dependent upon repeat customers. For this reason, I have no motivation to simply tell people what they expect to hear in order to placate them. I feel quite sure that other truly professional psychics think the same way.

Is it a good idea to go for a psychic reading when you are experiencing an intense emotion?

Absolutely not! Many people make the mistake of going for a psychic reading when they are in an emotionally charged state of mind. Strong emotions create strong vibrations and often the strength of the client’s fears and hopes is perceived by the psychic as an indication of future events. The best thing you can do to get an accurate psychic reading is to be fully relaxed when you arrive for your appointment. Take a soothing bath in sea salt water and calm your nerves before your reading.

Can genuine psychics actually see calendar events?

We are able to see what events will unfold, and get a general sense of when things will happen. It is rare to be able to predict exact dates. As a matter of fact, if you are seeking a psychic and one tells you that he or she can give you precise dates, this may be an indication that you should seek elsewhere. Psychic readings are a good tool for learning what will happen. To find out more about when, an astrological reading can be helpful.

What about curses?

When you know about something, you have the free will to avert it! When a good psychic sees an indication of negative events in your future, he or she will inform you in a proactive and skillful way. Knowledge is power, so you certainly want to know about these things and identify a course of action! Remember that the future is not unchangeable. You have free will, and you can make choices to change and shape your future when you are well armed with information in advance. That’s why getting an excellent psychic reading is so valuable! If the future were immutable, there would be no point in getting a reading!